​​​Serenity House of Buford

4297 Buford Drive NE Suite 1-D

Buford GA 30518

Located behind Taco Bell 

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​​​In simple terms, Serenity House of Buford, Inc. (SHOBI), works to provide to AA and Al-Anon groups what they cannot provide themselves. Most meetings are held in churches, hospitals, treatment centers, and the like. Under long-standing traditions, individual groups cannot own buildings or meeting halls. This allows them to avoid the problems and controversies that too often arise from property ownership. Clubhouses, such as ours, are formed because many members want to have their "own space" to meet and enjoy between-meeting fellowship. As stated, an AA or Al-Anon group cannot itself provide such facilities, but a separate club can.

The groups pay rent to SHOBI, covering a portion of the cost of clubhouse operations. In a way, SHOBI is the "landlord" and the groups are the "tenants", although their relationship far exceeds this example. SHOBI focuses on materials needs, freeing the groups and their members to concentrate on their primary purpose: recovery from alcoholism (or, in the case of Al-Anon, recovery from the effects of alcoholism).