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Regarding Recovery-

Many people are sure that they have a problem with alcohol and want to get healthy and sober.

Others think that they may have an alcohol problem or have been told they do by a friend, family member, or judge!

Everyone is encouraged to attend an open meeting and learn more about alcoholism.  

The clubhouse is a place for meetings. We have a published schedule.

Note: This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, nor does it represent Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole.

Our clubhouse provides safe, clean facilities for meetings to occur, based on the principles and traditions established in Alcoholics Anonymous. 

​Anyone may attend open meetings held at Serenity House. Additional support is offered within groups- through providing literature, organizing recovery events and conducting other  twelve-step activities. 

 ​​​​Serenity House : 
4297 Buford Drive NE (Suite 1D)
Buford, GA 30518



Primary purpose to create an atmosphere that allows groups and their members to carry AA's message to alcoholics in safe, clean, friendly environment.

Serenity House of Buford inc. In Buford


Readings for Each Meeting


​​Serenity House of Buford is now open. Adherence to strict meeting safety guidelines is required.  Zoom meetings will continue and resources are available at www.atlantaaa.org.

Daily Zoom Meetings

7 AM | 7-Up:  757.414.1317 (Daily)  Password: 7up  or 186838

9:00 AM | For the Fun of It: 382.710.6108 (Saturday)
Password: 935876

11:00 AM | For the Fun of It: 382.710.6108 (Sunday)

Password: 935876
12:15 PM | For The Fun of It: 382.710.6108 (Daily)

Password: 935876

7:00 PM| For the Fun of It: 382.710.6108 (Friday and Saturday) Password:  935876

8:00 PM | For the Fun of It: 382.710.6108 (Daily)

Password: 935876

10:00 PM | For the Fun of It: 382.710.6108 (Daily)
Password: 935876


Serenity House of Buford Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit 'charitable organization' recognized by the IRS as being fully tax exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

All contributions made to Serenity House club (SHOBI) are deductible as provided in section 170 of the code.